海外営業 B.D. 2020年入社

Aiming to maximize customer satisfaction and break away from a linear economy

Freedom to Chase after New Business and Big Dreams

Most of my career, I have worked for manufacturers that have a limited product lineup. After working for many years in such companies I learnt that both your target industry and target customers becomes quite limited and this makes it difficult to grow and expand your experience and knowledge as a salesperson.

One of the main reasons I enjoy working at Pantech is there is no limit to what kind of projects you can work on. If your desires match Pantech’s business vision「Revive the Earth through the construction of a circular economy for plastic resources」, then you can pursue any type of business and strive to make your business vision a reality. New emerging plastic industry trends such as ocean plastic and bioplastic are increasing the possibilities of what type of business can be pursued.

Furthermore, I believe the winners of the recycled plastic industry will be the companies that have a strong vision and understanding of how to utilize, develop, and add value to these new materials to create an end product that generates great demand. Add value and create demand. I believe these two elements are key in creating a successful business model. And this is exactly what I strive to achieve when approaching new business development.

International Atmosphere and Global Business Development

In my job, I am responsible for new business development in North America, Europe, and Oceania. Since Pantech has an international atmosphere in which employees from around the world are working, I can get the latest information from many markets around the world, especially Asia. This is very helpful, for example, when trying to find reliable suppliers of product in Asia that I am interested in procuring and exporting overseas to the North American and European markets. All the employees at Pantech work together as one team, to support all global business and make connections between suppliers and buyers.

Although we work as a great team at Pantech, it is very important to initiate action and take the lead by yourself. Pantech has a company credo「Play the Central Role」. This entails that all employees should 「Play the central role, involve people around them, and engage proactively in everything」. I agree in this mentality and believe that in business and in life, good things do not come to people who are passive. If you want to achieve something great, you need to plan, be proactive, and take action.