Pantech is a KANPURA (Plastic Circulation) production company that creates new value with plastic resources not only in Japan, but all over the world.

Not limited to the conventional model of material recycling in which waste plastic is converted into recycled plastic material, Pantech also provides circular product design and closed loop construction support that considers recyclability.

Pantech carries out decisive consulting based on alliances with various partners in Japan and overseas, executes precise planning in order to install and implement new ideas in society, and based on these results brings about the empowerment of plastic resource circulation.

Through the total one-stop production of KANPURA (Plastic Circulation) for companies and society, Pantech promotes plastic resource circulation and a circular economy.

In order to promote a circular economy that circulates plastic resources, Pantech provides extensive consulting for material recycling, prototyping, and closed-loop solutions.

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Introducing Pantech’s company information and an introduction from the president.

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Pantech Corporation