Privacy Policy

The term "private information" as used in this policy refers to information that is submitted by individuals to this website, which is operated by Pantech, and is specific to the individual in question or could be used to identify that individual (for example, name, address, telephone number, email).
Pantech will only request users of this website to provide such information as is necessary for the provision of services on this website (for example, inquiries, registering through job opportunities page, etc.) We subject the information to statistical analysis to the extent necessary for improving our service.
All information provided to us will be used carefully within the range necessary to meet the clearly specified usage objectives. Information shall never be used outside the range of the usage objectives against the will of the individual in question. Information provided by customers is handled strictly, and we set in place measures to prevent the loss, damage, alteration, or leakage. Please note that private information may be disclosed to third parties in the following cases.

  1. 1.In cases where the individual gives their consent for such information to be so disclosed.
  2. In cases where Pantech, within the range necessary to meet the usage objectives clearly specified to the individual in question, entrusts such information to its partner companies, associated companies, or licensed companies who have signed nondisclosure agreements with Pantech concerning private information.
  3. In cases where Pantech has anonymized the information for the purpose of statistical analysis (for example, presenting a breakdown of prize contestants by age group).
  4. In cases where Pantech is required by law to disclose the information.
•Private information protection policies of linked websites
Pantech assumes no responsibility for the handling of private information by companies operating the linked websites.
•Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
Pantech complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other relevant laws and regulations.
•Changes to Private Information Protection Policy
Pantech's Private Information Protection Policy may be subject to change in accordance with changes in laws.